We understand repairs can be costly investments for building owners. Roof coating offers a method of repair and protection that eliminates the costs associated with a complete roof tear-off.


    Short term – less material and labor are needed for complete installation. Tear-off/landfill fees are no longer cost factors. Long term – with proper maintenance, our systems can extend the life of commercial roofs indefinitely.


    Maintenance roof coatings are 100% tax deductible the year of installation and backed with powerful, long-term and extendable warranties.


    Our cool roofing systems are Energy Star® certified to reduce building interior cooling costs by 20% on average-even during peak usage. Learn how cool roofing can save you money.

  • Compatible With Most Flat Roofs

    Silicone roof coating will adhere to all flat or low-slope roofing systems with the exception of tar & gravel.


We perform annual and bi-annual inspections and repair any damage immediately. Penetrations like vents, pipes or ductwork can open up and may need to be re-sealed periodically. Blisters or delaminations should be cut off and repaired since they will leak over time.

Roof Coatings

Save money while extending the life of your roof.

Roof Maintenance

Annual and bi-annual inspections and repair any damage immediately.

Pressure Washing

Keep your building looking clean with a professional power wash.

Roof Inspections and Comprehensive Roof Audits

Quality Roof Plans and Specifications

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Certified Infrared Roof and Wall Scans

Various Roof Materials Testing

Litigation Support for Roof Failures

Professional Civil Engineers to Perform Engineering Services

Roof Consulting and Inspection for State Agencies, School Boards, and Hotel Chains

Over a Decade of Experience and Over 500 Building Maintenance Programs

  • Sun & Heat Protection

    With the right roof coating, applied by Louisiana Roof Coatings, your building’s roof can reflect the intense Southern Florida sun. This allows the building to absorb less of the sun’s energy, resulting in lower energy bills.
  • Waterproof Against Future Leaks

    Roof coating helps the roof stand up to harsh weather. We create a permanent barrier against rain and ponding water to protect against roof leaks.
  • Waterproof Against Future Leaks

    Roof coating helps the roof stand up to harsh weather. We create a permanent barrier against rain and ponding water to protect against roof leaks.


From leak repairs to thorough analysis and reports, Louisiana Roof Coatings brings experience and expertise to finding the best solution for your industrial roofing needs. We have been designing roofing solutions for industrial facilities for more than 40 years. Nearly 50% of all reported “roof leaks” are not actually caused by a problem with the roofing system. Other building components such as HVAC equipment and masonry walls have water-proofing issues that can create leaks and damage. These problems are sometimes misdiagnosed by the service personnel who conclude that roof replacement is needed.

Louisiana Roof Coatings utilizes water testing procedures (Thermal Imaging, Vector Mapping, etc.) that pinpoint the source of the problem. After thoroughly investigating the problem, options for repair or replacement will be recommended to the building owner.
Industrial roof systems are used for more than just protection from water, heat, cold and wind. Roof mounted equipment is often an important part of the equation, and can introduce corrosive elements onto the surface of the roof. Damaging roof ponds can also be created by the accumulation of debris around roof drains. Slater Roofing can install tapered sumps and storm sewer drain systems to help prevent these problems.


Quality craftsmanship begins with the basics – quality products. Louisiana Roof Coatings adheres to standards of excellence on every job we do. Whether we are roofing your home or your commercial building, we protect your investment by using only products from the finest roofing materials made by America’s leading manufacturers.

The top-of-the-line material manufacturers we use include, but are not limited to the following




A small, hard-working roofing firm based in Louisiana. Established in 2008, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success. We strive to offer our very best solutions for our clients.

Vic Cox
Vic Cox, partner Louisiana Roof Coatings. I can assure you we have a roof system to fit your needs. So, when you’re ready to purchase or budget for your new roof system, please give us a call to help assist you with this important decision. Let our staff educate you, so you will be able to make a decision on your next roof purchase. Browse through our web site and then call us. We’ll be glad to send you a brochure, quote a job or customize our services to meet your needs.Louisiana Roof Coatings was founded on the principles of service, quality, honesty and trust. The Owner of Louisiana Roof Coatings is Vic Cox. Vic began his roofing career as a little boy helping his father and grandfather during the summer months of school to earn spending money. Vic perused his college degree, and he and his sister, Melissa Cox started a Thermal Imaging company, Louisiana Infrared. After working as a Certified Thermographer for 10 years, Vic decided to peruse his family legacy in roofing. With Vic’s over 15 years in the industry and being a third generation roofer he took the reins and started Louisiana Roof Coatings. After all, roofing is a big part of Vic’s family history and in his “blood”, he did what he knew best.Today, Louisiana Roof Coatings is committed to the same principles we were founded on. We will continue to strive towards exceeding our customer’s expectations by supplying the best roofing solutions to meet an ever-changing economy.We are fully insured and all of our work guaranteed. Our track record of quality roofing installations has made us an American Weatherstar Contractor in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and along with many other affiliates.
Louisiana Roof Coatings success is the result of an ongoing commitment to provide every customer with excellent service, quality workmanship, guaranteed satisfaction and the absolute best roofing materials on the market and we don’t intend to stop.

Melissa Cox
Melissa Cox, partner of Louisiana Roof Coatings. As one of the owners and Founders of Louisiana Infrared. Based in Bossier City, LA. Melissa has been a practicing Infrared Thermographer since 2002. She is a Certified Infrared Thermographer with ten years experience in th construction and roofing industry, specializing in roof moisture scans and electrical scans. She also is a Certified Medical Infrared Thermographer specializing in beasts scans.

Otherwise known in the office as the networker, Melissa’s charm and willingness to talk to anyone and everyone has been key to building our large local client base.